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Fear can stop us achieving our dreams.

It can crush our enthusiasm and stop us dead in our tracks.

But those who have success in life are not the fearless warriors we imagine them to be.

It’s those who are afraid and yet do it anyway.

I am stepping out in business, in my writing, even in my health goals and I am constantly reminded of the very real threat of failure.

What if nobody reads my blog? What if nobody buys my product? What if it’s too hard and I quit before I reach my goal?

I too feel it but choose to take these steps to help overcome it.

Overcoming Your Fear

The first step in overcoming your fear is realising your not alone. Those that have gone before you were also afraid but showed courage under adversity. Despite ailing health William Wilberforce fought for 20 years to abolish slavery. Eventually to a technicality in law and outright persistance- He and his team were victorious.

The second step is realizing failure is not the end- it is just a stepping stone on your way to success. Thomas Edison made over 10,000 attempts at creating a light bulb. If he had quit after the 9,999th try we would still be sitting in the dark.

And finally knowing that your choice to pursue your dream may be the hardest decision you’ll ever make.

 But it might just be the most exciting and most amazing thing you’ll ever do.

So, put fear aside and when the opportunity to do something incredible comes your way…

Grab it! With both hands! And be the person you know you were made to be.

Opportunities are God’s way of saying – “You’re Ready”


Holistic Health – What is it really?


Health can be defined by the absence of disease.

Yet, even with the absence of disease we can lack wholeness. Each one of us has a physical body, an emotional soul, and a spiritual core. We can spend our whole lives at the gym, eat a healthy diet yet neglect our thought patterns or deny ourselves time away from the chaos of this busy world.

As a holistic nutritionist, I look at people’s current state of health and draw for myself a picture of who they are. Yes, my primary concern is their physical health, but experience has taught me to look beyond what I merely see in front of me.

During a consultation questions I might ask myself are;

  • When did all this begin for them?
  • What was their breaking point?
  • What are they willing to sacrifice to get well?

These are questions that go beyond their physical health. And the answers can help shape each individuals health plan. I have seen a chronic eczema client find little relief from diet and herbal treatment and yet have complete remission when they left a destructive relationship. And, I’ve witnessed clinical depressed clients get their lives back through nutrition counselling.

Wholeness is a lifestyle that nourishes each part of who we are and holistic health is a method of treatment that takes all three components into consideration and the undeniable connection between those components.

So, next time you consider your health ask yourself this question…

“Am I healthy inside and out? Or am I neglecting an important part of who I am?”

Tough question I know. But I’m confident the answer can be life changing.