I am a mother of three healthy happy children.

They really do have all they need, despite their grumblings from time to time.

And for that I am truly blessed.

So, my husband and I wanted to help this become a reality for those less fortunate than ourselves. We began by attending a short trip to Myanmar (formally known as Burma) with an established organisation called MyKids Australia. The people of Myanmar captured our hearts and the opportunities to help in the country were endless. Fast forward to today and we’ve been on the board of MyKids Australia Inc for three years now and travel regularly to the country. We focus our attention on education programs that help teach locals how to eat a balanced healthy traditional diet, use local herbs to treat common ailments, and practice first aid.

We also partner with a great social enterprise organisation called One Health Organisation through which we have received several small grants for our work and an enormous amount of donated nutritional aid (Thanks go out to the supporting companies: Metagenics, Bioconcepts, Happy Herb Company, Sydney Essential Oil Company and Blackmores). Without this partnership we could not achieve our goals.

Some days it feels like it’s a tough journey and you’re out there all alone fighting for that extra dollar or that special need that will make all the difference. But, mostly, I feel privileged to be involved and I just love seeing the Burmese children grow and begin to thrive in a better Myanmar.

For more on our travels, child sponsorship and MyKids updates the check out our FB page MyKids Australia Inc.


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